We cooperate with various stakeholders in ensuring better protection and more benefits for seafarers’, often working with government agencies. Ably supported by an excellent staff, we advocate seafarers’ rights through initiatives showcasing our commitment to the principle of social justice. We respond to varied seafarers’ concerns requiring our legal expertise and we assist clients in understanding their contacts and working environment and the prosecution of their cases.

We litigate money claims for disability and death benefits as well as other cases before judicial or quasi-judicial bodies.

We, likewise, promote and uphold industrial peace by ensuring that the management does not abuse its management prerogatives and labor acts in good faith in the exercise of their work.

List of Services

  • Assisting and representing seafarers and OFWs in relation to their employment, contracts, employment benefits and privileges.
  • Litigation of money claims for disability and death benefits as well as illegal dismissal cases before the NLRC and the Appellate courts.
  • Appearances in administrative proceedings before the POEA, DOLE and PRC as well as in civil and criminal cases before the regular courts.
  • Paralegal lectures on seafarers’ legal rights in maritime schools, seafarers’ dormitories, and parishes.
  • Legal advisories on several media outfits like publications and radio programs.
  • Representation before legislative and government agencies on vital issues involving seafarers.
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