The politics of seafarer’s Money claims

       BY ATTY. DENNIS R. GORECHO   An anti-seafarer bill might be refiled by ANGKLA Partylist during the next Congress if it will be reelected in office, a bill that  is clearly a mere dilatory tactic to stop the labor/  seafarers   from getting what is rightfully due them.   With  House Bill  No. 5430, the

PINOY SEAFARERS’ RIGHTS: Seafarer’s illegal dismissal

Seafarer’s illegal dismissal Panay News – April 5, 2016 BY ATTY. DENNIS R. GORECHO UNDER the Philippine legal system, the reason for one’s termination of employment is as important as the manner it is done.  Both the reason and the manner must be appropriate, otherwise the termination itself is gravely defective and may be declared unjustified. Dismissal

Paralegal Lecture on Seafarers’ Rights – T.I.P. Manila

Paralegal lecture on seafarer’s rights, TIP Manila February 26, 2015. Aristotle once said: ”Those that know do. Those that understand, teach”. Our law firm Sapalo Velez Bundang Bulilan ( SVBB) believes that the best way to afford legal protection to seafarers is for them to be properly educated of their legal rights.

Unreasonable Non-Deployment

Unreasonable Non-Deployment Will the unreasonable nondeployment of a seafarer entitle him to payment of actual damages? The most recent case of Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group, Inc. and Chung Gai Ship Management vs. Sulpecio Medequillo, Jr. (G.R. No. 177498, January 18, 2012) confirms the standing rule that a seafarer must indeed be compensated as a result of

Pinoy Seafarers Victims of Piracy Deserve Equal Protection of Law

Pinoy seafarers victims of piracy deserve equal protection of law Through the initiative of the SVBB law firm, the Democratic Independent Workers’ Association (DIWA) party-list representative is asking the Congress’ House committee on overseas workers affairs to look into the recent sea piracy incidents involving Filipino seafarers. In House Resolution 1474, filed last July 13,

Illegal Dismissal Benefits

Illegal Dismissal Benefits In case of illegal dismissal, how much is a seafarer entitled to receive from his employers? His salaries for the unexpired portion of his employment contract or his salaries for three (3) months for every year of the unexpired term, whichever is less? The recent ruling of the Supreme Court in the

The Immaterial “Fit to work” Assessment

Does a ‘fit to work” assessment issued by a company-designated physician beyond the 120-day period from the time the seafarer was medically repatriated, bar the latter from securing permanent and total disability benefits? The recent ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of Antonio M. Serrano vs. Gallant Maritime Services, Inc. and Marlow Navigation

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