2015 Asia IP Experts – Atty. Ignacio S. Sapalo on Enforcement

2015 Asia IP Experts your Guide to Asia’s Leading IP Advisers.

Ignacio  S. Sapalo obtained his Bachelor of Science (major in engineering) in 1963 from Ateneo de Manila and his Bachelor of Laws in 1967 from the same school.

He was appointed Director of the Bureau of Patents, Trademarks and Technology Transfer (BPTT) 1987-1996, during which he led the group that crafted the 1998 Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, Author of “Background Reading Material on the Intellectual Property System of the Philippines” (WIPO, 1994) and Professor of Intellectual Property at the Ateneo School of Law since 1991 up to the present.

He is the founder and President of the Intellectual Property Foundation (IPF), President of IPROBE, INC. (an intellectual Property investigation and consulting firm), a member of the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and of the Board of Trustees of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc.

At present, he is the managing partner of the firm SAPALO VELEZ BUNDANG & BULILAN, a full service law firm specializing in Intellectual Property.


Ignacio S. Sapalo, managing partner of Sapalo Velez Bundang & Bulilan Law Offices 11th Floor Security Bank Centre, 6776 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila 1200 Philippines. Tel. no.: 6328911316; Fax no.: 632 891-1198; email: info@sapalovelez.com.

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