Requirements for Copyright Registration


  1. Application should be accomplished in duplicate, typewritten and the affidavit at the back should be duly notarized and affixed with Fifteen Pesos (P15.00) documentary stamp. Another set of Fifteen Pesos (Php 15.00 ) worth of documentary stamps, should be stapled to the application form to be affixed by the office to the copyright certificate.
  2. Application should be accompanied by two (2) copies of the work as deposit, Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00) as registration fee. If through mail, registration fee should be in postal money order addressed to the Director, The National Library.
  3. If the work applied for registration is an original ornamental design (classification H), it should be accompanied by a technical description of the design.
  4. If the work applied for registration is published work, two (2) printed copies with copyright notice printed in front or at the back of the title page if it is a book and on any clear space thereof if non-book material, shall accompany the application
The copyright notice shall be in the form Philippine Copyright 20__(year of publication) by ____________(name of copyright owner.)
No. 8 of the application should be filled up by stating the specific date when the work is finished and likewise No. 9 be filled up to indicate when the work is published.
A “published work” for purposes of registration means that the work has been disseminated to the public prior to its registration with the Copyright Office.
  1. If the work applied for registration is unpublished work, two (2) manuscript and/or xerox copies of the work without the copyright notice shall accompany the application.

Unpublished work” for purposes of registration means that the work has not been disseminated to the public at the time of registration.

  1. If the applicant is non-resident foreigner, he/she should appoint a local authorized agent by a special power of attorney to complete the copyright application for and in his/her behalf .
  2. If the claimant is not the author, a document supporting the claim such as a deed of assignment or a waiver of copyright ownership;

  3. If the applicant is a proprietor or a corporation, a photocopy of the certificate of business name  or SEC certificate (whichever is applicable) should be attached to the application.

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