Taxing Software Transactions

Atty. Romeo H. Duran of Sapalo Velez Bundang & Bulilan explains how transactions involving software are taxed in the Philippines.  The Intellectual Property Code defines the term “copyright or economic rights” as consisting of the exclusive right to carry out, authorise or prevent the following acts:

Madonna Wins Copyright Infringement Case

The music industry in the past few years has been thriving, as original works and covers from various artists can be easily accessed by nearly anyone who has an internet connection.  Youtube, itunes, spotify, among others, all grant access to a plethora of songs and music videos. Even before all this, in 1990 Madonna Louise

SVBB holds in-house seminar workshop on Copyright

As part of its program for continuing legal education to its lawyers and paralegals, Sapalo Velez Bundang & Bulilan (SVBB) held a one-day in-house seminar and workshop on the subject of Copyright last June 4, 2016 at Makati Sports Club.  The event was aimed at keeping the lawyers and paralegals of the Firm updated on

Requirements for Copyright Registration

REQUIREMENTS FOR COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION Application should be accomplished in duplicate, typewritten and the affidavit at the back should be duly notarized and affixed with Fifteen Pesos (P15.00) documentary stamp. Another set of Fifteen Pesos (Php 15.00 ) worth of documentary stamps, should be stapled to the application form to be affixed by the office to the copyright certificate. Application

Basic Information on Copyright (FAQ’s)

What is Copyright? Copyright may be defined as form of intellectual property which protects the rights of authors and creator of literary and artistic works.  It refers to the main act in which, in respect of literary and artistic creation, may be made only by the author or with his authorization.  Works are protected by

IPF included to the list of IPPHL Database of Venture Capitalists

Intellectual Property Foundation (IPF) included to the list of Intellectual Property Office (IPPHL) database of venture capitalist from both government and private institutions that are willing to finance IP assets. Particularly those technologies that are generated by Universities.  The database will be disseminated to IPPHL ITSO members and other relevant stakeholders. Atty. Ignacio S. Sapalo,

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